J R Lafrance and Francine Patenaude
J R Lafrance and Francine Patenaude

Hydrodyne 1972

J.C and me bought this Hydrodyne new in 1972. J.C. went to pick it up in Fort Wayne IN. We had twin Chryslers on it at first for shows for the ski club. Then we had twin Johnsons 140 H.P.   i bought J.C 's share in 1975 and had only one motor on it for a while. It was then replaced by a 180 H.P. Johnson which lasted until now with one major overhaul. The transom had to be strenghtened in 2003 and it was repainted by myself. It is still in the family. Michel owns it now. It is probably the best known boat in Cornwall.

Carver 28 Riviera 1986

In 1998, we bought a 1986 Carver Riviera 28 feet in Midland Ontario. Since we had a plane, we decided to keep it there and explore Georgian Bay, more specifically the area to the east call the 30,000 islands.We flew there most weekends and during summer holidays for approximately 3 years. We usually landed in Huronia Airport near Midland, then used an old wagon that we left there as a taxi to get us from the airport to the Wye Heritage Marina where we kept the boat. We usually immediately left the marina to go and anchor in a secluded area of Beausoleil Island and explored further up the bay in the next few days. We usually had supper on Sunday night, left for the airport and flew back to Cornwall. Some of the most magical moments were spent in the plane at 10,000 feet on a calm night viewing the glow of Kingston Ottawa Montréal Syracuse Etc... The plane grew to be too expensive when my partners exited the partnership and reluctantly I sold the plane. I remember very well standing at the end of the runway watching it disappear in the distance with tears in my eyes, knowing very well I would never fly again.We moved the boat to the thousand Islands, which was depressing after having been in the 30,000 islands for so long. We kept it in Gananoque  for 5 years and also did the Rideau,Welland and Erie canals and the Ottawa River.Then in 1998 we sold it and bought a Taiwanese trawler, a 42 Ft. Oceania.

1988 Oceania 42 Ft. aft Cabin trawler

In 1998, after having sold our Carver, we bought a  Taiwanese trawler, an Oceania, a 42 foot Aft cabin trawler from a Mr. Langelier in Montréal, kept it there for a season, went down the Hudson River up to Boston. We travelled up the Saguenay Fjord to have it painted by a Mr. Lapointe over the winter. We moved it to Cornwall to get it ready for the big trip down south.

In August 2001, we left Cornwall motored up the St. Lawrence, proceeded up the Trent Severn Canal to our old playground, Georgian Bay. We then proceeded up the North Channel to Mackinaw Island,down Lake Michigan to Chicago. We then proceeded down the Illinois River down to the Mississippi,Turned east on the Ohio River, then south on the Tennessee River, continuing on the Tombigbee waterway to mobile Alabama and the Gulf of Mexico.We visited New Orleans, then backtrack along the Gulf of Mexico coast all the way down to the Florida Keys and Key West. From there we travelled back north along the eastern coast to the St. Lucie River and proceeded to Indian town where we stored the boat for the summer.

In the fall of 2002, we picked up our boat in Indiantown and made our ways to the Bahamas where we spend the winter in Georgetown. We spent the winter there and met a lot of fellow boaters from the United States and many of them from Canada, especially from Québec. In the spring of 2003, we returned to Indiantown the store the boat again for the summer.

In the fall of 2003, we picked up our boat again Indiantown, and proceeded to Georgetown again. This time however we proceeded further south to the rest of the Bahamas, the Turk and Caicos and eventually to Luperon in the Dominican Republic. We went by Puerto Plata, and anchored in the Rio San Juan.From there, the plan was to anchor somewhere around Punto Cana, crossed the Mona channel to Puerto Rico and leave the boat there for the summer and to pick it up again the next year to start visiting the Virgin Islands and the rest of the Caribbeans. It never happened. On a moonless night, shortly after midnight, we sank on the reef near Cabrera in the Dominican Republic. The sinking is a long story that I will not dwell on on this site.This ends the story of a boat called La France Inn.



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