J R Lafrance and Francine Patenaude
J R Lafrance and Francine Patenaude

My Sports Activities

               This section is all about my own sports activities. Sports have always played an important role in my life. In high school and university, my sports were hockey ( played for the hawkesbury Hawks. Cornwall Chevies and for the Medical faculty), Ping Pong ( was Ottawa colleges champion in 1958) and tennis ( only very average). An eye injury in which I did not see for a week in one eye had me take my skates off forever. I kept my passion for tennis up until an ankle injury 10 years ago but have remained a loyal spectator since.

                I started downhill skiing at age 20 and still skis to this day. As a matter of fact, I will ski for free at a lot of places as I turn 70 this year.This was a main family activity for my children. I snowboarded for a year before an ankle injury forced me to go back to skiing and monoski. I started snowmobiling at age 26 and had 10 good years of it having some wild times around Lac des Plages in the Laurentians.

                Another main sporting activity was Water skiing. I formed a club in Cornwall that tought kids how to ski and gave shows all over our area. I had an Hydrodyne 1972 ski boat with twin 150 H.P. engines to do these activities.I competed for a while but did not really achieve much there. However the boats kept getting bigger and bigger. I had a 1986 28 Ft. Carver Riviera tht we motored all over the canals around here and spent 5 years of heaven in Midland Georgian Bay. We always say that area is the best in the world to boat in. We then got a 1986 42 ft. trawler, an Oceania, which saw us go up the St Lawrence and Hudson and Eastern Seaboard. Finally we took it down the inland waterways through the great Lakes, Chicago, Illinois  Mississippi,ohio,kentucky and Tom Bigbee rivers to Mobile. We then did the Gulf of Mexico and the Keys and croosed over to the Bahamas. Fom there we sailed down the Turks and Caicos to the Dominican Republic. We met our destiny call crossing over to Porto Rico and sank our beautiful ship on a moonless night.

                I raced Enduro around my area for a few years in the early seventies and always had a motorcycle all through my life, even now. I always had a passion for fast cars and had my share of them. I started Hang Gliding in the 70's with the pioneers of the time: Bill Bemnnett. Frank moyes. Terry Jones etc... and later shifted to Paragliding which I did until very recently. I windsurfed and dabbled in Kitesurfing. I flew planes for a decade flying all over the Eastern Seabpoard in my 6 seater Piper PA 32 RT300 T i obtained my  IFR and could fly blind in the clouds. I also owned a Challenger ultralight aircraft.


 In 2017 I bought a DJI mavic pro drone. I used it that year and in 2918. In 2019,They brought new laws for drones  that severely restricts who can use them.I haven't taken the time or effort to pass that license yet.


Home Page Online
 This is a new domain name I have acqiured. I will use it to host my personal site where you can learn about me and my wife and follow us in our travels.


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